Our Plan:

1. Develop ministry programs

( promoting reconciliation, evangelism, or discipleship)


* This information is slightly outdated - we will update soon, PLEASE VIEW OUR MINISTRY BLOG FOR INFORMATION, VIDEO, & PICTURES OF OUR CURRENT PROGRAMS & NEEDS: HERE




1) Tuesday nights we provide a special evening at a homeless shelter. We provide snacks, fun, crafts, and a Bible lesson. Volunteers are needed, call Scott Reese (708) 539-8939 for more information. We also are in the process of helping New Life Baptist Churches PADS PROGRAM FOR THE HOMELESS ON EARLY TUESDAY MORNINGS - VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED - 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.


2) Wednesdays - We reach out to youth. We help empower a Bible Club for kids. We are available to help run or sponsor a Bible and basketball program(s). Contact us if you'd like to help or if you'd like us help set up a Bible & sports program at your church - we have 30 years of experience that we'd happily share.


3) Thursdays - we make visits in urban areas - helping urban ministers, discipling, & helping people in need.


4) Saturdays - (see "monthly programs" - volunteers needed)


5) Sundays - Scott Reese is available to preach at your church, Sunday School Class, or youth group. We are also available to set up a missionary table. Sundays is also when we often work on special Christian Internet Ministry Projects.

6) * There are also various ministry services provided throughout the week... more info coming soon.





1) First Saturday of Month - Body of Christ Men’s Bible Study, 8:30 a.m. - Breakfast included! at Scott's house - ALL CHRISTIAN MEN INVITED! Come and connect with a diverse group from different cultures & denominations. Call Scott Reese 708-539-8939 for directions.

Youth Activity for urban youth - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.





2) Second Saturday Morning - often we have a fun Children's activity for urban youth - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!


Cook for Jesus! - Matthew 25:31-46



3) Third Saturday - Monthly meal for an Evangelistic Outreach in Roseland. This could be expanded to more locations if more families and churches volunteer to cook meals once a month.


Urban youth activities spomsored by BODY OF CHRIST CARES - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED





4) Forth Saturday - Often we have a fun youth activity for Urban Youth -VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

*) We also have a monthly "Ministry Project" more information under "Resources"




1) Annual Taste of Reconciliation – Every year we partner with Living Springs CC to have a special time of fun, ethnic food, & a multicultural worship service where we are challenged in the area of Reconciliation. Hundreds are blessed and inspired. It is our desire not only for you to attend this event but also to help your church host your own “Taste of Reconciliation”. We can also help your church set up a special committee to help guide the church in reconciliation issues. (Last Sunday of July, 5:00 p.m.) SEE WWW.TASTEOFRECONCILIATION.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION.)






2) DAY OF KINDNESS: (NEW - third Saturday of August) CHRIST CARES coordinates a collaborative effort to smother a community with acts of kindness in an effort to share the GOOD NEWS with their community.


3) GOOD NEWS DAY: (NEW - Sat. before Easter) Christ Cares coordinates a collaborative effort of churches to visit every home in their community – asking each family how they could pray for them as well as leaving evangelistic materials and an invite to the Easter Service.


4) INTERNET EVANGELISM DAY - We are a strong supporter on the International Internet Ministry Day. This is a Sunday (usually in April- but an individual church can have it anytime), that a church draws attention to the various methods of Web Evangelism & Ministry. CHRIST CARES provides free training and materials. Do a web search for "Web Evangelist Scott Reese" or "Internet Minister" for more information on "Internet Ministry".


5) FEED THE HUNGRY DAY - America's economic slowdown has placed a strain on Christian food pantries in the area. Your church chooses one (or more) Sunday a year for members to bring in canned goods and non perishable food. CHRIST CARES will be there to answer questions, & pick up the food to distribute to churches and Christian non profit organizations that minister to those in need. Also please let us know If your church's food pantry is low.


6) As God guides, we will be adding to our ministry endeavors. We are also available to help you or your church - whether it is developing a new ministry or consulting to help improve a current program.

Additional info on our annual Ministry Programs below...

Taste of Reconciliation - July 26 - hope to see you there!

Taste of Reconciliation...


July 26 at Living Springs Community Church

View Taste of Reconciliation Videos - HERE

More info soon to be posted - see last years event on RRM's link below:

Day of Kindness - let's blanket our community with love

Day of Kindness...

Third Saturday in August. Does your community know that your church is in existence? Does it know that you care? Join other Christians on the third Saturday of August to flood your community with "acts of kindness". More details coming soon - please let us know if you or your church group would like to be involved.

Good News Day



Did you know that there are people who live only a few blocks from your church that probably have never heard the GOOD NEWS?

Join us on the Saturday before Easter to invite your unchurched neighbors to Easter Services and to share the GOOD NEWS. More information coming soon.


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