Chicagoland Prison Ministries is a comprehensive ministry to prisoners, ex-offenders, and their families.

Chicagoland Prison Ministry, Director Dan Swets praying at Taste of Reconciliation 2007

Chicagoland Prison Ministries - official website HERE

Dan Swets, Director -

P.O. Box 63
South Holland, IL 60473

"I was in prison and you came to visit me..." Matt. 25:36

There is a clear Biblical Command to minister to those in prison - Chicagoland Prison Ministry has been doing a wonderful job sharing God's love since 1994.

They have a wide scope of ministries (see their website) and have a very dedicated staff that includes Dan Swets, Chaplain Cory Buchanan, Darlene Rhines, and Dennis Raatjes.

Chaplain Cory Buchanan is a great speaker and is available to preach at your church.

CPO is in need of volunteers and funding. Please contact Dan Swets for further information.

Rosevelt (Brian) Bell One of the guys I (Scott Reese) have worked closely with for years and is now a key CHRIST CARES volunteer. He was helped tremendously by CPO - below is his testimony given at one of CPO's work training graduations. CPO also was responsible for connecting Brian with his current job.


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