Our Plan: Christ Cares Christian Internet Ministry

3. Develop Online Resources

and Online Communities
to foster CHRIST CARES’ goals

a. Develop Online Resources – especially in the areas Scott Reese has extensive experience in:


1) Reconciliation Issues


2) Urban Ministry


3) Ministering Effectively to the Poor


4) Sharing One’s Faith


b. Develop Online Communities to foster reconciliation, collaboration, & evangelism


1) The internet has exciting potential for connecting the Body of Christ for ministry purposes; We want to develop a FACEBOOK type of site without the suggestive advertising & designed to foster communication within a church AND the Body of Christ collectively


2) The Internet has changed how people get information, find friends, communicate, find entertainment, and develop community


3) Unfortunately, Christians in general have not taken advantage of this incredible opportunity for sharing their faith or connecting with their Christian Community


4) The Internet has also opened up wonderful opportunities to communicate with and to encourage missionaries. The Internet also in an unprecedented way provides an easy opportunity for us all to be “missionaries” ourselves - to connect with others outside our circle of Christian friends – giving us an opportunity to share our faith with this lost world


5) See www.ChristianInternetMinistry.com for more information



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Internet Ministry Volunteers Needed

You can be a missionary...

The Internet has now made it possible for you to share your faith to the "uttermost parts of the world" from the comfort of your own home. Computer skills are not neccessary, just a willing heart. There is a wide range of volunteer positions needed, so please contact Scott Reese for further information.

Christian Internet Ministry - Web Evangelism



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