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Agape Center - official website HERE

Agape Community Center -Chicago

1142 West 111th Street

Chicago, IL 60608


For a couple decades I have observed first hand the Agape Center's powerful witness in Urban Chicago. Not only do they have many programs that share God's love in Chicago's south side, they also have a powerful ministry to Bible Believing Churches & Organizations by providing resources and empowering them to share the GOOD NEWS.

They have personally been a tremendous help and blessing to me (Scott Reese) and our ministry. They have a gifted staff that is very dedicated to sharing God's love in WORD AND DEED. Their Director is my good friend, Milton Massie. I have great respect for Milton Massie as a Man of God and a man of Christian Character. Agape's staff includes: Milton Massie, Cynthia Massie, Linda Cotton, Marc Henkel, Sandy Henkel, T-awannda Piper, Brad Harry, Michelle Harry, Beth Hasbrouck, & Beth Louey.

This ministry is in need of funding and volunteers. If your church does have a portion of it's mission budget dedicated to the great missionfield of Chicago, than please prayerfully consider the Agape Center of Chicago.

See their official website for volunteer opportunities.

Agape Center - website HERE

Here's Life Inner City - website HERE

Campus Crusade for Christ - website HERE

Video we took of the packing party for the Chicagoland Boxes of Love distribution -

Thanksgiving baskets and Christian materials distributed with a Christian witness.

Hundreds of volunteers, thousands of individuals blessed as a result:


Video I took of a class on Evangelism taught by T-awannda


Milton Massie, Scott Reese, & Jerry Rose on Channel 38 TV a "few" years ago...

(Click lower left corner to view video)


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