Roseland Christian Ministries is a comprehensive ministry center on Chicago's south side.

Roseland Christian Ministries

Roseland Christian Ministries - official website HERE

Strong Tower - Interm housing - Chicago

10858 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60628

For many years I have observed first hand Roseland Christian Ministries powerful ministry on Chicago's south side. They are in need of funding and volunteers.

For years we have provided various programs and activities for the mothers and children of their interm housing center. Christ Cares is praying for a donation of a bus so it can more easily take urban youth and groups such as Roseland Christian Ministries on special trips / activities.

I am surprised by how many people are not awear of this wonderful ministry and we want to help spread the word. In August of 2008 we honored Rev. Tony Van Zanten at our Taste of Reconciliation Event. We also recognised their dedicated staff and had their children's choir sing.

On Tuesday nights we provide an evening of fun - games, snacks, crafts, & a Bible lesson. SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE - HERE.

Pictures and video of this below:


Strong Tower Children singing at the Taste of Reconciliation & Rev Tony honored with the Reconciliation Award

Strong Tower Childrens ChoirRoseland Christian Ministries children's choir - Strong Tower

Rev. Tony Van Zanten and Mrs. VanzantenReconciliation Award Rev. Tony Van Zaneten & Donna Van Zanten

Caroline & the Van Zantens of Roseland Christian MinistriesEthel Harts, Executive Director - Roseland Christian Ministries

Mamie Thomas, Program Manager - Roseland Christian MinistriesCaroline and Rev. Scott Reese cheering on the Van Zantens

Also acknowledged was Ethel Harts, Executive Director - Roseland Christian Ministries, Mamie Thomas, Program Manager, and Caroline Zigler who works with the ladies and children of their housing center.

Please contact
Joe Huizenga, Roseland Christian Ministries Director of Development and now also pastor of Roseland Christian Reformed Church to learn how you can get involved and help this wonderful ministry.

(link for their website at the top of this page)

Below is one oftheir videos for the mother and children Homeless Shelter / Interm Housing:


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