Our Plan:

2. Secure and Share RESOURCES

a. Network with other ministries and businesses

b. Promote monthly “Ministry Projects” encouraging church members to donate small items that make a BIG difference! Examples Include:

1) Back to School Supply Project and Rallies (Donate School Supplies)

Back to School RalliesDonate School Supplies

2) “Christ The Great Gift Christmas” Toy Drive (Donate Toys)

Christmas Toy DonationChristmas Toy Volunteers

3) “Hallelujah Party” – Halloween Alternative Neighborhood Outreach (Donate Candy, Games and Craft Supplies)

Volunteer & help childrenHalloween volunteer

4) “Boxes of Love” Thanksgiving Dinners (Full Thanksgiving Dinners Donated)

Jesus love the little children...


5) “Heart for the Homeless” Valentine’s Day Project (Donate Homemade Cookies, Cards, Toiletries) AND several other monthly projects



a) Entire families, including children, participate in missions and grow in understanding of the area’s needs


b) Resources (supplies, donations, goods) are distributed with a Christian Witness by a ministry that can continue spiritual care to those ministered to.


KEY: With limited resources, Why donate to organizations that meet physical needs only, and not spiritual as well?


c. Secure “Permanent” resources to be shared within the body of Christ


1) Currently we have a van loaded with carnival games and a bouncer that we use to empower urban ministries to have evangelistic outreaches


2) We need a U-Haul type of truck, more supplies and also a bus to transport kids to our activities and to help other ministries with their needs


3) Eventually, a Resource Center will be needed


Additional info on our resourcing porjects:

Monthly Ministry Projects - Many doing a little makes a BIG difference

Monthly Ministry Projects...

Every month CHRIST CARES provides an opportunity for you, your family, and your church to donate inexpensive items to empower Urban Ministries to demonstrate God's love by meeting felt needs. Soon we will post details, for now please visit Reconciliation Resource Ministries' LINK on MINISTRY PROJECTS for further details - HERE

We need a coordinator for every church to promote the various projects ie. line up various small groups or the entire church to participate in the different projects. We have a nice INFORMATIONAL BOX that can be placed in your church lobby to make the donations convenient...

GOSPEL TRUCK to share God's love.


is needed to transport "shared resources" to empower churches and ministries to have evangelistic outreaches to their community. Additional Information is on RRM's website (http://christcares.internetminister.org) HERE

We also have a need for a quality church bus to provide transportation for our activities and also to empower urban churches and ministries...

Resources to be shared with the BODY OF CHRIST


Shared Resources...

We have an inflatible bouncer and other resources that you can use for your church activities. See RRM's link HERE for futrher details.

OUR PLAN - STEP # 3 (Internet Ministry) HERE ........

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