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Orland Park Car Ministry - Bruce Harnew, Director

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Any Christian considering donating their car, should prayerfully consider the Orland Park Car Ministry-

They recently donated a 1994 Cargo Van & a 1999 Suburban to us.
They have also donated several vehicles upon my request to individuals we're ministering to.
They have taken the "Car Ministry" concept to a whole new level & donate hundreds of cars every year.

Director, Bruce Harnew, has a unique blend of gifts, experience, & passion to lead this ministry.
If you are thinking about donating a car or being involved with a car ministry, I'd like to recommend the Orland Park Car Ministry.

There is also an added tax benefit to donating your car to the Orland Park Car Ministry - It is my understanding since they donate the car to a needy family you are able to deduct full market value - this is different than most charities that specialize in car donations - most resell to wholesellers and you are only able to deduct the reduced price of what they sell the car for - please contact Bruce Harnew for more information. (If you'd like to donate your car, contact me, scott@christcares.org and I'll put you directly in touch with Bruce.

The Orland Park Car Ministry is a loving ministry of the

Orland Park Christian Reformed Church (www.opcrc.org)

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